Duck Mountain Environmental Ltd. (“DME”) is a Saskatchewan based non-destructive HydroVac excavation and Potable Water/Septic Service Company. DME traditionally works for the general public, contractors, engineers, and facility owners in the Mining, oil and gas, power, municipal, transportation, industrial, and commercial construction industries. Our key technology is a truck-mounted HydroVac excavation unit that is used primarily for digging safely in areas with buried pipes and cables. Unlike traditional mechanical excavation, DME  HydroVac uses a pressurized water stream to liquefy the soil cover, which is then removed with a powerful vacuum system and deposited into a storage tank housed on the truck. 

DME also deploys single and double axel Septic service trucks to collect and dispose waste water from commercial and residential sites. We also offer Potable water hauling as well for commercial and residential use.  By using the latest in HydroVac and Water/Septic systems for more than 15 years, DME then provides HydroVac  and potable Water/Septic services to Hundreds of customers across Eastern Saskatchewan.

Today, DME has 2 HydroVac excavation trucks and 3 Septic hauling trucks available on a 24/7 basis to provide safe excavation and liquid waste transportation to customers from our head office in Kamsack, Saskatchewan.


 Duck Mountain Environmental‘s mission is to provide safe, economical, and appropriate services to our customers.  To fulfill this mission, Duck Mountain Environmental has established the following goals: 

  1. Acquire the type and quantity of vehicles necessary and appropriate to meet the needs of our diverse client base and exceptional staff to perform their duties.

  2. Manage our fleet in a manner that insures the lowest possible operational cost while maintaining consistently high service to our customers.

  3. Organize a staff and maintain a facility which provides superior service and dispatch, combined with administrative support to all of our valued customers.

  4. Establish policies and procedures that reflect the best way to operate our diverse fleet with the customer in mind.

  5. Think independently and competitively to obtain the best ratio of dollars spent to services provided.  

Rob Ritchie